How To Celebrate Book Lovers Day

Fun fact about me. I love to read! In high school and college, I found it hard to find time to read books outside of the books I was assigned to read, but now that I'm done with school, I've made it a habit to read a bit every night.

Today is Book Lovers Day! It is a day for book lovers like us to be celebrated. 

I love a reason to celebrate, so while this might not be Christmas or a birthday, today needs to be celebrated! Not sure how to celebrate Book Lovers Day? Here's some ideas!

1. Volunteer At A Literary Organization

Want to do some good? You can read to kids or help out at a nonprofit book shop! 

2. Visit A Local Bookstore

I love a small bookstore that only a few people in town know about. There's just something vibe-y about it! 

3. Read Your Favorite Book At Your Favorite Place

Love that coffee shop? Enjoy eating lunch outside under that tree? Grab your favorite book and read a chapter or two at your favorite place today! I'll be reading "Fail Until You Don't: Fight, Grind, Repeat" by Bobby Bones in bed with a candle lit this evening! Yes, my favorite place is my bed. 

4. Donate Your Old Books

Lots of places need books - after school programs, daycares, nonprofit book shops - so go through books you don't read anymore and donate them to places that could actually use them!


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