Celebrate National Girlfriends Day

Yes, there is a day to celebrate your significant other and your favorite gal pals and that day is today!

National Girlfriends Day also falls on the day we all share our #WCW posts on Instagram, so how perfect is that?

If you have a girlfriend and you've stumbled upon this post, listen to me. Go buy her flowers or grab her go-to coffee order from her favorite coffee shop. Write her a sweet note. Just do it. You'll thank me later.

Ladies, today is the day to celebrate each other, too! Go ahead and let your closest friends know just how thankful you are for them today!

Not sure how to celebrate all your female friends today? Here's a few ideas!

1. Have a spa day

2. Go out for happy hour

3. Call or FaceTime instead of text

4. Have a coffee date

5. Make plans for girls trip

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