10 Things You Have To Do In Your 20s

I'm 23-years-old and if there is one piece of advice I hear over and over again, it is "don't let your 20s pass you by without making memories and taking risks. This is your time to be selfish." My boss from my very first internship just gave me that advice earlier today.

I read this article on Bustle that was all about 10 memories you have to make in your 20s and I couldn't agree with it more! If you're in your twenty's like me, here are some memories you absolutely have to make before you hit the big three zero. 

1. Go on a spontaneous road trip

2. Go to a music festival or big event

3. Go on a date with that person you've been crushing on forever

4. Go all out for at least one of your birthdays

5. Do a group Halloween costume

6. Rent a beach house with your BFFs

7. Use your passport

8. Check things off your bucket list

9. Go on a yoga retreat

10. Follow your dreams, even if you fail

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