Nail Salon Worker Jumps On Car Of Customer Who Did Not Pay


A nail salon worker was captured on video jumping onto the back of a car owned by a customer who reportedly refused to pay. The wild incident was captured by bystanders and the video quickly went viral after it was shared on Facebook. 

The altercation started when two employees at Unique Nails in Jackson, Tennessee followed the customer to their car in the parking lot. While the employees argue with the customer, the car begins to back-up and one of the employees clings to the trunk. The car then drives away with the worker hanging onto the trunk. 

The woman managed to hold on for nearly two miles before the car stopped and the driver and passenger of the car got out and started attacking the her, according to the woman's daughter, Day Pham. Pham posted a photo of her mother in a hospital room but did not disclose the extent of her injuries. 

Jackson police said they are investigating the incident and confirmed that they have one person in custody. 


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