Mike Fisher Retires from NHL Again: 'It's Been a Blast'


Mike Fisher is calling it quits one last time. 

The Nashville Predators forward and Carrie Underwood’s husband has announced he will now officially retire from the National Hockey League, sharing photos of his time with the Predators and the Ottawa Senators on Instagram

“I’m so grateful for the last 18 years. It’s hard to believe how fast the time goes,” Mike captions the post. “I got the chance to play and work with so many incredible people along the way. God taught me some incredible life lessons through the game of hockey over the years and without the gift He gave me none of this would have been possible.”

He goes on to thank both of his previous teams “for all the amazing memories” as well as his “friends and family for supporting [him] over the years.” 

“It’s been a blast,” he adds with “#romans1212.” 

Mike came out of retirement in February to help lead the Predators to the brink of the Western Conference Finals only to fall short in Game 7 against the Winnipeg Jets. 

In an interview with NHL.com, Carrie’s husband calls the Preds’ season “obviously disappointing” but says he’s “glad [he] came back.” 

“That's the way it goes sometimes. I know this team, they'll learn and grow and be better. There’s a lot to look forward to,” Mike says. 

He tells NHL.com he won’t rule out remaining with the Nashville Predators in some capacity. 


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