Most of the time we're thinking about how we'd be happier if we could afford MORE stuff.  But here's a list of ways you could end up being better off if you started getting RID of stuff.  Check out the nine benefits of owning less stuff . . .



1.  You spend less money buying stuff in the first place, and less to maintain it.


2.  You cut down on stress, since you have less to worry about.  Lots of studies show that people who own less are happier than when they owned more.


3.  You have more freedom.  You spend less time and effort dealing with your stuff, so you can be more productive and do what you LOVE.


4.  You can get BETTER stuff.  When you cut down, you can afford to spend more on the things you really need.


5.  Less clutter makes your house look better, and easier to clean.


6.  You set a good example for your kids, and they won't be as messy.


7.  You won't lose things as often.  And when you do, you'll find them more quickly.


8.  Your possessions will communicate your true priorities.  You won't be as tied to the past, and when you cut back, whatever is left will be the things you value most.  So people will see your things and know at a glance what's most important to you. 


9.  It's better for the environment.