does a poll every year for St. Patrick's Day, to find out what the most respected beer brands are.  So it's not just about taste, it's about the brand in general. 

In other words, these are the top ten beers to order if you want to look "cool."  You'll still just look DRUNK if you order too many though . . .


1.  Samuel Adams.  It's the most respected beer brand for the fourth straight year. 

2.  Corona.  Up four spots from last year. 

3.  Budweiser.  It's the most respected beer brand among women.  Sam Adams is number one for men. 

4.  Heineken

5.  Stella Artois

6.  Bud Light. 

7.  Redd's Apple Ale  

8.  Guinness 

9.  Dos Equis 

10.  Blue Moon