Little Big Town performed an intimate concert for a room full of "Happy People" during their iHeartCountry Album Release Party at the iHeartRadio Theater in New York City -- and we say that because the band performed their new The Breaker song TWICE at the crowd's wishes.

The country group, comprised of Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Jimi Westbrook, and Phillip Sweet, celebrated their new album The Breaker (released on Feb. 24 via Capitol Nashville) with an intimate show for fans during their iHearCountry Album Release party, where they treated the room to first-time performances of songs from the record, as well as LBT favorites from previous albums.

This year is shaping up to be a big one for Little Big Town. The group announced their residency at Nashville's iconic Ryman Auditorium and dropped their Taylor Swift-penned single "Better Man." Now, the group is sharing their eighth studio album with fans. The Breaker follows Little Big Town's 2016 album Wanderlust, and features 12 new songs, including "Better Man." The song hit No. 1 on the US Hot Country Songs chart, No. 2 on the US Country Airplay chart, and No. 34 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

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During their iHeartCountry Album Release Party, Little Big Town played seven out of twelve new songs off of The Breaker, including their single "Better Man," "Night On Our Side," "We Went To The Beach," "Rollin'," "When Someone Stops Loving You," "Beat Up Bible," and "Happy People." And the fans loved "Happy People" so much that the band played the song again as their encore. The group says the track relates to what we are going through as a country today.

Of course, Little Big Town also performed some crowd favorites like "Girl Crush," "Boondocks," and "Pontoon" (which they closed with), among others.

Watch Little Big Town perform "Happy People," "We Went To The Beach," and "Beat Up Bible" below.

"Happy People"

"We Went To The Beach"

"Beat Up Bible"

iHeartCountry Album Release Party with Little Big Town Setlist:

"Night On Our Side" (The Breaker)

"Boondocks" (The Road to Here)

"Girl Crush" (Pain Killer)

"Happy People" (The Breaker)

"Better Man" (The Breaker)

"We Went To The Beach" (The Breaker)

"Rollin'" (The Breaker)

"Tornado" (Tornado)

"When Someone Stops Loving You" (The Breaker)

"Beat Up Bible" (The Breaker)

"Stay All Night" (Pain Killer)

"Pontoon" (Tornado)

During the show, hosted by Cody Alan, the band also answered some questions about their new record The Breaker, as well as talked about their residency at The Ryman, and the story of how Taylor Swift sent them "Better Man."

On the meaning behind the album title The Breaker

"It's a heartbreak song ['The Breaker'], but it's about being the one that breaks someone's heart, and being remorseful that you're the one that was 'The Breaker.' So it's just a really beautiful twist to that. And then, there's all kinds of connective themes through the record of being broken, being the breaker, breaking through to something new."

On what fans can expect from their Ryman Auditorium Residency

"It will be special every night. It'll be unique every time, and it's just such a special place. For us to get to share our music there, and play in that place, it almost holds all the past in itself, and you can feel it when you're there. And it sounds beautiful on the stage, and that room. It's a gorgeous place to play music."

Also, the first weekend of the residency, the band will be playing their The Breaker album in FULL, "top to bottom."

On how they received "Better Man" from Taylor Swift

"I [Philip] got the e-mail when we were in the process of making our album, and she's like 'you know, I've had this song for a little while and just wanted to see if you guys were interested in it. It was in an e-mail just like any other songwriter friend would send us. So I'm so glad I didn't delete it by accident!"

Photos: Rob Berry for iHeartRadio