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Lady Gaga is upping the ante on the promotion of ARTPOP.  The Mother Monster was back to her old tricks on Thursday morning when she hit the streets of Berlin wearing a large furry chicken mask. 

The singer greeted fans outside her hotel with the bizarre, triangular-shaped headdress, which was almost five times the size of her face.  A gold beak-like portion covered her nose and mouth, matching her bright-yellow trench coat. 

Gaga traveled to Berlin to take part in an ARTPOP listening party happening at one of the city's most infamous nightclubs.  She hinted on Twitter that she would be "filming" the event, though it's unclear how she plans to use the footage.  

Gaga also linked to the club's website, making a live stream available to her 40 million followers.  

ARTPOP drops on November 11th. 

Photo Credit Getty Images